Jacksonville Beach


Richard Dick Condon, aka “Big Cat”passed away on September 18, 2018. Born to parents, Everett and Helen Condon, on July 14, 1935 in Yonkers, New York where he lived until adulthood. Dick attended Hawthorne Junior High School where he played basketball and Track and Field. He went on to attend Gorton High School, playing Football and Basketball, graduating with honors in 1953. Dick joined the 1957 class at Columbia College where his claim to fame was being the first Freshman in over forty years to climb the 18 foot greased pole; releasing the Freshman class of the age old tradition of wearing Beanies. In 1958, before starting his life’s career, Dick worked as an Iron Lather. In 1960 he accepted a sales position with Union Carbide, aka, Eveready and Energizer Battery Company, where he worked for 30 yrs., ending his career as a successful Marketer.
A great family man and father he married in 1958. The couple had four children together including, Jennifer, MJ, Elizabeth and Richard. Dick remarried in 1975 to Gerri Moore from Lordship, Connecticut. They remained married for the next 42 years. While residing in Trumbull, Conn. Dick built a Vietnam War Veteran Memorial in the town center to honor and preserve the memory of those who served. Dick was an avid golfer, Giants fan, traveler and hummer.
His real and abiding passions were his family and friends. He sought to instill in his children a zest for life, a strong work ethic, commitment to family and friends, kindness and the power of a smile. Dick was a beloved Patriarch. His grandchildren, Ryan, Shane, Emma and Cade enjoyed a close relationship with him through-out their lives. He managed to travel up and down the coast for special occasions, graduations and of course sporting events.
The family asks that you spend time with your children, take a walk with a loved one and mix a good whiskey sour to make a toast to enduring friendships and family.