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Florence Morgan born to Carl and Marie Ericksen in Inwood, Iowa on September 30th, 1925. She passed away at age 93 on October 31, 2018 . She was from the generation of the strong willed, toughness, and independence. Florence passed away Wednesday night at ORMC, a month and a day after her 93rd birthday. She will always be remembered for her selflessness, kindness and her wonderful outlook on life. She was a mother, grandmother and a person full of positivity. Although she spent most of her life in South Dakota growing up on a farm with her family. Throughout  her life she also lived in El Paso, Texas, Indiana and later on in her life she moved to Florida. On the farm she lived with her parents and two brothers, Chris and Palmer. Her father Carl Ericksen, was an immigrant from Denmark. He had a great impact upon her life and attitude. He drove until 97 and stayed active and independent until his passing at 104. Carl was known to be a kindhearted person, to care for others, and to have a happy outlook on life. Florence was never the person to be angry, frustrated or loose her temper, much like her wonderful father. She met her husband, David Morgan, at the Sioux Falls airport where she worked; he was in the air force at that time. They had a beautiful daughter Marie Workman who is a loving mother of three. Florence later moved from Indiana to Florida to be closer with her daughter where she lived nearby. David Morgan passed away in 1990 due to cancer. He was a great man, who served his country in the Air Force, a sheriff for 10 years, and was an inspirational father. When he was sheriff he had the privilege to drive President Kennedy from the airport to his hotel. Florence and the wives of the deputies were able to board President Kennedy’s aircraft, the Caroline. Both David and Florence were true patriots and loved their country. In the 1950’s she worked for RCA; she always remembered pressing records for Elvis Presley’s ‘Blue Suede Shoes.’  Florence was always in a great mood and wonderful to be around. She loved cats and dogs too! Marie’s dog, Luna, would always lay next to her when she visited. Luna was so happy to see her each time. Even if she was mainly a cat person and loved the cat Lucky, she made sure to give so much love to Luna. This shows how great of a person she was, giving love and kindness to everyone every day. Holidays were always a great time with her. She always prepared well in advance for each Holiday with cards, presents, and always had food ready! Holidays were made even more special with her around, even non-holidays she always made time to have treats like chocolate cake, cookies and donuts ready for her grandchildren, daughter and son-in-law. She was glad to make others happy and see a smile on their faces. Florence was a kind-hearted person that will always be remembered. She was and still is a person that will be loved every day by her family and her kindness shared to others.

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